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Blackfoot Movement Story | Be Fit For Life

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This Blackfoot Movement Story was created as an introduction to the Blackfoot Creation Story.

An elder once said to picture yourself in the stories so you can understand and relate to the story better. The Blackfoot creation story was made into a movement story to help students get involved in the learning of the story.

The movements in the story will also help support the development of physical literacy, through the exploration of different gross motor movements, repetition, and fun.

This resource was created in partnership with Livingstone Range School Division through a project grant from the Recreation and Physical Activity Branch of the Alberta Government. The project was designed to bridge movement, specifically in a school setting, with traditional Indigenous culture and knowledge. A special thank you to Sandra Lamouche for her valuable contribution to this project.

This resource can be used in a gymnasium or a classroom setting. It can be read like a book or posted as a temporary or permanent circuit where students can travel from station to station reading and moving at their own pace.

Thank you to Trevor Prairie Chicken, a Blackfoot artist from the Piikani Nation for his artwork depicting the Blackfoot story about creation.

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