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Why Move & Play?

Move & Play through Physical Literacy is a resource of games and activities for physical activity leaders that are inclusive, participation focused, and integrate the concept of physical literacy into physical activity programs. The focus is for ages 3-12, although games and language used can be modified for any age group including adults and older adults.
  • The resource is great for warm-ups, energizers, or combined to make a full lesson plan for recreation, sport, or physical education.
  • Move & Play focuses on skill acquisition in structured and unstructured environments. This is done through activities that promote fun, participation, and many opportunities for participants to practice a variety of different skills in a variety of different environments.
  • The target user of Move & Play resources are physical activity leaders in recreation, sport, education, home, or community environment!

This resource is intended for participants ages 3 to 12 based on the Sport for Life Long-Term Development (LTD) in Sport and Physical Activity framework.

Target Audience: Leaders, teachers & coaches who provide active opportunities for children & youth (ages 3-12)

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